Analogue CCTV Systems

Analogue CCTV Systems

Let's look at analogue CCTV. The name "analogue CCTV" in itself is somewhat deceiving as virtually all CCTV systems are at least some part digital. However analogue systems capture an image digitally then convert it to analogue and transmit it down the copper wire to the DVR (digital video recorder) which then converts it back to digital for recording.

Seems somewhat inefficient doesn't it?

The fact is that analogue transmission reached its limits some time ago. While high quality analogue systems did have quality image reproduction back in the day, compared to the new era of fully digital IP, TVI and even CVI and AHD mega-pixel security systems analogue looks blurry and colourless as this new technology is significantly better.

Analogue system struggle to provide usable evidence in this day and age.

Some of the reasons to move from analogue include:

  • HD Analogue like TVI, CVI and AHD CCTV systems use your existing coax cable for easy upgrade to HD
  • Analogue CCTV systems are simply not able to provide detailed evidence due to blurry images and lack of true colour
  • Analogue CCTV systems are no longer supported by most major brands
  • Analogue CCTV systems don't support the new cloud based remote viewing in most cases

Choosing an alternative tech

When shopping around for a new CCTV system and you already have an old system is easy as the TVI, CVI and AHD systems are an easier upgrade as you can use existing coax rather than re-cabling your entire building for IP (Cat6).

If you do not have an existing system then it's pretty much just a choice to go IP (Cat6) or Analogue HD (Coax), both deliver 1080p full HD which is as clear as your HD TV, however for a price you can go well above 1080p if you go with IP.

Click here for a comparison between the different resolutions.

Choosing security cameras and system

If you use guesswork or a bit of Google research to determine what security cameras you need, you will probably get it wrong. To the average user, they all look the same. In fact many manufacturers use the same shells (cases) to make them look identical from the outside - but it's what's inside that counts.

What is worse is since around 2014 the CCTV industry has become riddled with Grey market imports (cameras not designed for this country) or worse black market counterfeit cameras.

We see people buying counterfeit cameras every day as unscrupulous security providers buy the counterfeit goods for 20% of the cost of genuine cameras and DVR/NVRs and then sell them just under the cost of genuine cameras making them look cheaper for the same product (but a counterfeit copy) giving them huge profits and leaving you with rubbish and no support.

If you have ever purchased a counterfeit bag, watch, phone etc. from Bali or Thailand you will know the quality just isn't there and they fall to bits, the same applies in CCTV.