Commercial & Industrial Security Systems

The right Commercial or Industrial Security solution needs to balance client need, desired outcomes, and budget with product performance and durability. And it requires a level of professional service and support that leaves you free to focus on your core business activities. Who will you trust to provide the right solution?

Who has the right solution for your company?

Whether your need is to design a new electronic security system, upgrade an existing system or simply to reduce the labour intensive expense of static security guards – whether the need is large or small just contact the experienced team at OzSpy and you will find your answer.

We make the choice easy for you by ensuring that our standards in advice, components, service and installation are at the highest for every job, every time. And if something does go wrong we will take full responsibility for making it right.

The OzSpy difference

  • Advice and installation by trained licensed professionals
  • Having correct policies and procedures in place
  • Having the biggest names in the industry backing our system
  • Being a bricks and mortar company so you can pick up the phone and call us
  • Having the quality assurance procedures that come from a franchise system
  • Allocating a project manager to your job that has the authority to make decisions
  • The job isn't finished until you're happy.

What benefits can you expect from a quality well matched security system?

  • Easy access by middle and upper management to electronic records
  • Reduced theft from drivers and employees
  • Reduced theft from exterior sources
  • Reduced risk of litigation
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved profitability
  • Improved accountability from all levels

Are you obligated to install security?

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), is a widely accepted concept aimed at enhancing those aspects of building design that discourage a range of criminal activities, including violence. Consideration of CPTED includes the physical design such as space and layout, and also social psychology concepts such as behaviour of people in relation to colour, lighting, CCTV and other visible security measures.

Many government bodies now legislate that their own departments must have CCTV systems to protect their staff and for general OH&S including the governments legal aid department.

Our cameras can help in other ways too

For more than years OzSpy has been impressing clients with solutions to challenges that are often above and beyond the scope of normal security. We often push the electronic security envelope to provide innovative, non security related solutions to improve efficiency, quality and productivity.

Alternative uses include:

  • Cameras to monitor production lines
  • Cameras to monitor cold rooms
  • Cameras to monitor ovens
  • Underwater cameras for marine and freshwater applications
  • Biometric time cards systems
  • Access control for restricted areas