Security Alarms and Intrusion Systems

Security Alarms and Intrusion Systems

With advances in technology, there are many varied and somewhat complex arrays of options to choose from. These range from non-monitored alarm systems to 24/7 monitored alarms, from wired to wireless with advanced options for intruder verification, and a plethora of options in between. When choosing the best security system contacting a professional should be your first choice.

Alarm system monitoring

At some point as you go through the process of researching alarm systems you will eventually come to this choice. In most situations we would recommend professionally monitored systems as for just over $1 a day you will have the peace of mind knowing that a team of licensed security professionals are monitoring your home or business 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Self monitored alarm systems are exactly the same alarm system as the monitored versions except they have been programmed with your number, so you are responsible for responding to the alarm. Many people choose this option to save money but often end up changing to monitored to give themselves peace of mind and the freedom to turn off their mobile phone.

Non monitored alarm systems are possibly the least effective configuration as effectively the alarm simply makes some noise and not much else. Also these basic systems do not allow you to control them remotely so you need to go back to the property to reset them. As a rule every alarm should be monitored by someone.

Wired vs wireless installation

Generally most alarms are wired as this is the easiest to maintain and the most reliable. However in some situations you do need to add some wireless components to an alarm system especially when it is impracticable to hard wire in an area. With a quality system both should protect your assets as well as each other, however with the wireless components you may need to remember to change the batteries every now and then.

Video verification Systems

There are quite a few products available today that offer video verification built into an alarm system which work quite well, however for a similar price you can add an analog security camera system or even a state of the art mega-pixel digital IP camera system that integrates directly into your alarm that can even email you photos to your phone of the intruders as the alarm triggers.

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