Small to Medium Business Security

Small to Medium Business Security

Whether you need to keep an eye on people in your business or you want to keep unwanted people out, security cameras and alarm systems are an integral part of business risk management. Choosing an effective security system for your business should be uncomplicated and hassle free. With OzSpy your experience will be exactly that.

What are the benefits of investing in a security system for your business?

Whether protecting a restaurant, retail store or the family owned corner store we have the resources and the expertise to give you exactly what you want and need. We will ensure you end up with a quality security system that can adequately protect your people and your property, that will work effectively when you need it most and that will continue to deliver great value for money year after year after year.

What you can expect from a well designed and implemented security system:

  • Peace of mind knowing that multiple areas of your business are being monitored
  • Reduced stress – you won't need to worry about what you can't see first hand
  • Reduced risk of theft by customers or staff
  • Reduced risk of litigation
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved profitability
  • Ability to view your business "live" from your mobile device at anytime, anywhere

How will the investment in a security system affect your cash flow?

Good business security shouldn't break the bank or strain your cash flow. It should be affordable and easily upgradeable as technology improves. We can make this possible by arranging for you to finance or lease your security system with affordable monthly payments.

How will not investing in a security system affect your cash flow?

Smaller businesses were found to suffer higher average rates of shrinkage than large firms. In fact, the collapse of many small businesses may be due to the inability to identify shrinkage and stem its tide.

Shoplifting is widespread in retail establishments, yet accurate data on its extent are not available. Most retail theft is established by audit rather than witnessed, hence it is not clear whether the theft is perpetrated by customers, staff or suppliers.

A 2-3% loss of sales to shoplifting can amount to about 25 per cent loss in profit. For some smaller establishments or those on otherwise tight margins, retail theft not only affects their productivity and competitiveness, but also threatens their economic existence.


How to choose the right system for your business

The first step is to talk to a licensed security professional that can provide expert advice, personalised service and professional installation. Arrange to meet with them in-store or on site and ask to see testimonials from other satisfied customers. You want to be sure that you can trust them to provide a good value, quality system that will meet all of your needs.